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Although we aren't always aware, research says that 60-70% of our thoughts are negative. How would our world change if 60-70% of our thoughts were positive instead? Melissa believes that when our internal dialogue questions our confidence, we are less likely to be authentic and less capable of connection. Authenticity is hard to practice because it means you're exposing the sides you don't often feel comfortable sharing. As a speaker, host, model, and actress, Paakh believes that if we want to feel more connected and ultimately more fulfilled, we need to start getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. We need to listen to our intuition, even if that means being vulnerable.    

A former Division I swimmer and a certified personal trainer, Paakh has given over 75 The Authentic You  presentations and was a featured speaker at the Annual REACH Conference. Her reputation as a creative  is built on her ability to connect honestly and authentically.  She was the First Runner Up to Miss Minnesota USA 2018 and the Miss Minnesota (Miss America) Lifestyle and Fitness winner. She models on National Television for the Home Shopping Network Evine and for the talent agencies:Naturally Fit, Brand Agency,  Agency Models and Talent, Moore Creative Talent, Caryn International, Ruggiero, and Meredith Models and Talent. She is trained in teleprompter and commercial acting under Charles Hubbell and is also formally trained in acting under Cynthia Uhrich.

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