Thanks for checking out The Authentic You! Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two people are the exact same...and why should we try to be like someone else anyway? The Authentic You fingerprint represents your unique story, and encourages you to find the good, bad, and the ugly within your story and embrace it. Yes, even the bad and the ugly. Because recognizing the value of your own authentic story and having the courage to own it, is crucial to finding your identity and realizing your worth. Focused on improving the mind and body, Melissa Paakh, creator of The Authentic You combines her unique background in modeling, pageantry, and competitive swimming to help women achieve greater fitness while working toward a positive self-image. Along with personal training and meal plans,  you can use this site to  to book Melissa for hosting, modeling,  and acting.  

It takes courage, but never trade your authenticity for anyone else's approval. Because true confidence comes from being you. The Authentic you.  


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