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10 Day Smoothie Challenge

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For 10 days, swap out two of your regular meals for one giant, nutrient dense smoothie! Packed with leafy greens, healthy fats, and vegetable proteins, it's a great way to jump start your wellness journey. Also incorporating intermittent fasting, you'll allow your body to eliminate free radicals and produce cell turnover for better sleep, more energy, and healthier skin! Includes 10 smoothie recipes with 10 days of coaching access to Melissa. 


FaceTime/Skype Personal Training Session

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Workouts customized specifically for your goals. Instead of going to the gym with your personal trainer, stay at home and receive workouts and coaching over video calls.  It's  the same real time training as if you were at the gym with a personal trainer, except from home through video calling. Workouts can be done from anywhere and do not require equipment. If you do however have equipment at home, we can incorporate your equipment into workouts depending on what your individual goals are. 


Personalized Weight Loss Meditation and Visualization

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 Because change starts on the inside, many people will lose weight, but gain it back again because of the internal beliefs they hold on to. Meditation and visualization are tools to help shift negative self-limiting beliefs to positive ones. This mindset training will help you gain confidence as you move toward your goals as if you've already achieved them. Meditations and visualizations are completely customized and sent to you along with other powerful resources based on recommendation.


Customized Meal Plan

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It doesn't get more customized than this. At the beginning of each week, a new meal plan will be emailed to you based on your goals, current diet and relationship with food, your own personal taste, the cooking appliances/accessories you own, daily schedule, and what you happen to be in the mood for that week! Everything you eat will come straight from your meal plan with an ingredient list full of nutrient-dense, chemical-free, anti-inflammatory foods that are easy to prepare.